UXR Research Project

UXR Research Project

UXR Research Project

Educational Research

Educational Research

  • Role: Lead Researcher

  • Research Type: Design research

  • Research Method: Action research

  • Goal: Develop educational products & curriculums according to the changes in governmental policy and students' needs

Educational research on curriculum development for educational products


  • I was the academic affairs chief and interim academic affairs director, leading the curriculum development.

  • Opportunity: The educational reforms of Taiwan gave schools more freedom to develop school-based curriculum according to individual school's needs.

  • Problems: I identified the learning problems of most students in the school, such as lack of learning motivation, low degree of local consciousness, culturally and economically deprived backgrounds, and poor reading competence


  • Surveys

  • Interviews

  • Diary studies

Actions & Methods

  • Teacher professional development conferences and workshops

  • Children's media, games, interactive apps, and programming language 'Scratch'

Research Insights

  • 'Make learning playful, fun, and interactive' is the most straightforward way to motivate children's learning.

  • Media and technologies serve as great tools to inspire children's learning as they are up-to-date, flexible, and catering to different children's interests.Culturally and economically deprived backgrounds made children less confident in learning, so creating a meaningful learning environment empowers children to believe in themselves.

  • Connecting children with local industries and topical issues in both local and international societies can help to build civic consciousness and local identity.​​​

Research Impact

  • The school continues incorporating technology into the school-based curriculum, such as 3D-printing courses and the coding language, Scratch.

  • The school continues highlighting children's local identity and connecting the school-based curriculum with local natural environments and industries.

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